Modern Problem

English: this is my own version of what bullyi...
English: this is my own version of what bullying looks like (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bullying is a horrible, yet common problem in schools nowadays. There are many forms of bullying such as physical bullying, verbal bullying, social alienation, and cyber bullying.  Physical bullying includes bodily contact which hurts or injures someone.  Verbal bullying consists of name-calling, offensive comments, or threats of violence.  Social alienation is when a bully specifically excludes someone from the group.  Lastly, cyber bullying, a relatively new form of harassment, is generally verbal bullying committed through electronic devices and the internet.  Each form manifests in different ways but can be harmful to the victim both physically and mentally. A child who is bullied may be deprived of the positive social interaction necessary for healthy psychological development, and often lacks the self-confidence needed to succeed and stand up to his bully.  Although bullying can begin small and seemingly insignificant, it may progress and become so severe that the victim becomes depressed, or in extreme cases commits suicide.  Bullying is generally caused by a two-fold problem: firstly, people who lack self-confidence often feel that by putting others down they can make themselves feel better. Secondly, schools perpetuate a breeding ground for cliques, stereotypes, and exclusion.  Children struggle with the concept of self-identity versus community and often don’t know how to individualize themselves while inheriting the ideas of others. They believe that they must be like their friends and go along with all of their ideas in order to belong so the people who stand out are picked on and ostracized.


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